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Category: Blog

Podcast Tomorrow-American Museum of Science and Energy

I hope you will join me in the show tomorrow at 10:00 a.m., Eastern time on the subject of the German atomic bomb program in WWII and my book The Armageddon Secret. Here is the link: ID: 871 1804 5037 My friend Ray Smith, Oak Ridge Historian and guide for the upcoming  Manhattan Project

Michigan Alum and Tau Beta Pi Summer Editions

In the upcoming Summer of 2022 editions of magazines published by the University of Michigan Alumni Association and the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honors Society, The Armageddon Secret will be either featured or get a mention. Michigan Alum has a circulation of 76,000 and TBP The Bent (named 150 years ago for the bridge “bents”

Germany’s Dr. Hahn discovers he’s split the atom

This is an interesting comic book page from the late 1940s. The comic book was titled “Adventures Inside the Atom” and was published by General Electric. Refer to page 42 in The Armageddon Secret for my version of what took place. Dr. Hahn was truly shocked to understand that he’d released such incredible energy!