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At the dawn of WWII, a lab in Nazified Berlin is first in the world to split the atom, three years before America begins its Manhattan Project. That much is history. If the Nazis’ quest for the ultimate weapon cannot be derailed, humanity will vanish.
German general Ludwig Beck’s real-life, heroic underground fighters, known as Black Orchestra, are sworn to topple Hitler before he extinguishes civilization. Their network of spies has uncovered the existence of Hitler’s atom bomb project, but no German scientist can be trusted to help them disrupt this menace.
In the heart of the terror-slammed German capital, Black Orchestra recruits Alexander Drake, an American journalist with an old and personal hatred of the Nazis, to be their link to desperately needed scientific brainpower in America. These anti-Hitler fighters—including Drake—must struggle against the Gestapo, betrayal from within, and their own demons to stop German world domination—or destruction. The key to saving civilization is safeguarding The Armageddon Secret.

About the Author

Robert Burnham is a licensed professional forensic engineer with two University of Michigan engineering degrees. He is a member of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers and the National Society of Professional Engineers. An adjunct professor of technology and lifelong student of science and history, he lives in Ft. Myers, Florida, and Traverse City, Michigan. He is currently writing his next novel.